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When it's in the middle of a hot summer day and your home is sweltering because your cooling system isn't working properly, you don't want to hear from some receptionist that all the technicians have their schedules already full for the day and that someone will come check on you first thing tomorrow. First thing tomorrow is just simply not good enough. You want and deserve action now!

This is particularly true if you're here on vacation. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster for a family than to have their cooling system shut down. Many times, it can be as simple as a tripped breaker, which can be fixed instantly on the spot. Other times, it may be more serious. Whatever it is, the sooner we get started figuring out what the problem may be, the sooner that problem can be fixed and your home can be cool again. We often tell our customers that we're never comfortable until they are comfortable. That's absolutely true and it's the way good customer care should be.

This is why Strand Cooling is committed to providing something we call SUDDEN SERVICE. It means as soon as you place a phone call and let us know you're in distress, we begin shifting around our schedules and doing whatever we can do to get you a technician on-site just as soon as possible to troubleshoot the problem. It's a mindset on the part of everyone within our organization of being genuinely concerned about your comfort and welfare, and working together to get you back where you're comfortable just as soon as humanly possible. We really do care.

Sudden Service often times means being more concerned about your comfort and welfare than we are about ours. It means putting in extra hours and delaying our comfort if that will help you become comfortable sooner. It means we don't whine and whimper when it's after hours, or we have to go the extra mile to get you comfortable again. The peace of mind Sudden Service brings is priceless. When you call Strand Cooling, you just automatically get it. We often remind ourselves that while we may install heating and cooling equipment, what we actually sell and deliver is comfort. It's another reason why we are so proud to be a professional Comfort Specialist. It's what we really do.

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