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Repair and Maintenance

By purchasing an Energy Savings Agreement from Strand Cooling and Heating, and becoming one of our preferred customers, you receive two Inspections and Precision Tune-Ups each calendar year, one in the cooling season, and one in the heating season.

Like your automobile, your HVAC system operates more efficiently with routine tune-ups and cleanings.

Your heating and air conditioning system has a longer “life span” when receiving routine tune-ups and cleanings.

Your utility bill will be lowered if your system is running at peak performance.

By receiving routine inspections, the technicians are often able to spot a problem and repair it more economically, than if you waited for a breakdown, when a more expensive repair or replacement would be required.

Our preferred customers always receive a discount on all parts and labor, when repairs are needed, as long as they pay for service when rendered.

Our Energy Savings Agreement includes all preventative maintenance required to keep your HVAC equipment in compliance with your mfg. parts warranty and/or extended parts and labor warranty. A failure to have preventative maintenance will invalidate most warranties.

Our preferred customers receive priority scheduling. Preferred customers are bumped ahead of previously called in service work, if the previous caller is not on an Energy Savings Agreement. We always try to arrive within 30 minutes of all customer calls, but on extremely busy days that’s not always possible. On those days preferred customers save hours of "down time".

Our preferred customers receive 24-hour service, 7 days a week. We’re not talking about “emergency” service. It’s 24-hour SERVICE.

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